Faithful Man

24 04 2008

 Proverbs 28:20

A faithful man will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.

There is a distinct difference between the businessperson who operates based on living in the Promised Land versus the one who operates in Egypt. In Egypt, the businessperson sweats and toils to generate an outcome. The final objective is foremost in their mind. Outcome is everything.

In the Promised Land, we learn that obedience is the only thing that matters. We are called to execute, and leave outcome to God. Sometimes that outcome is very positive, yielding a return. In other cases, we may not yield a corresponding return. We may even get a negative outcome. The difference is that we know that we have been faithful to what God has called us to and we yield results to God. God often blesses obedience beyond what we deserve. If God brings wealth to your life, it should come as a by-product of obedience, not an end in itself.

God may call each of us to be obedient to situations that may not yield immediate, positive results. It is in these times that our faith must be obedience-based versus outcome-based. What if Jesus had considered the immediate ramifications of whether he would go to the cross? Based on the immediate outcome, the decision would have been an easy one. Who wants to die on a cross? However, for Him there was a higher purpose in that obedience. We are called to this same kind of obedience. This means putting our own flesh on the line daily, dying to our own self-will.

This is what it means to be a faithful man. Pray that God will make you a faithful man today.


The Devil Left His Bags

22 04 2008


You put the devil out, but you let him leave his bags.
Never quite looked at it like this before…
You got out of a bad relationship because it was bad,
but you are still resentful and angry.

 You let the devil leave his bags.

You got out of financial debt, but you still can’t control
the desire to spend on frivolous things.

 You let the devil leave his bags.

You got out of a bad habit or addiction,
but you still long to try it just one more time.

 You let the devil leave his bags.

 You told your unequally yoked mate that it was over,
but you still continue to call.

 You let the devil leave his bags.

You got out of that horribly oppressive job, but you’re still
trying to sabotage the company after you’ve left.
You let the devil leave his bags.

You cut off the affair with that married man/woman,
but you still lust after him/her.

You let the devil leave his bags.

You broke off your relationship with that hurtful, abusive
person, but you are suspicious and distrusting of every new
person you meet.

You let the devil leave his bags.

You decided to let go of the past hurts from growing up in an
unstable family environment, yet you believe you are unworthy of
love from others, and you refuse to get attached to anyone.

You let the devil leave his bags.

When you put the devil out, please make sure he takes his bags.






15 04 2008
When we look at another
we look not for them to serve us
but we look for us
to be of service to them.

Before in lust we looked
for them to do for us.

Now in love we look
for us to do for them.
For in them we see you,
and a mirror of ourselves,
and we want to help
rather than be helped.

Thank you our Father
thank you my Savior,
for giving yourself to me,
so I can give of thee to them.