28 12 2008


I wrote this long ago, I love to put my heart into words.I pray that one day I meet this Man.

This man “oh God” , this Man just like you
This God Man!!
How my heart yearns to be near him
To fight for him
To stand beside him
Everything about him  just speaks to my soul
Refreshes my spirit
It is his heart, I know it is
I can feel him when he is miles away
I dream of him
I see him in my visions
And I feel him in my belly
The core of my being
He is like me, “Oh God”
He speaks the things that I do
His words, So powerful
He walks where I have
He loves to reach out and help others
His heart is pure
In his arms is where I want to call home
I have never told him, but I can only be honored to you “Oh God” for such a friend, for such a Man
I new the day I saw his face
The day I heard him speak
That very day, I new “Oh God”
I new it was Him
I have no idea God, what to do now
I need your help “oh God”
I can not do this without you
“Oh God” , I pray for him
God I am striving to be my best for you
I know you have been molding me
Preparing me
I try to hard to be perfect,I know I fall short at times.
I am so sorry God
I know I should trust in you , “Oh God”
Today I pray oh God that he can feel me to
That he can feel you living inside him
That he knows to , that I was made for him
To be by him
To walk with him
To fight for him
And Mostly “Oh God”
To LOVE him
I want so bad to give back “oh God”
Give back to him all that you have given me
To show him “oh God”, how much you have placed in my heart
How much love
How much perfect love, because it comes from you “oh God”
It comes from you, and flows through me
I want to be able to share “oh God”
Share in his life forever “Oh God”
To love him with agape love
Your perfect Love
I pray “oh God”
For just one day to Love him perfectly and God forever if it is your will, I will Love and adore him till my time on earth is done.
And when my time is up, I will Love him in Heaven to
“Oh God” he is just like YOU
A mighty warrior
Thank you God for this Man
And if he only stays a short time, I thank you “Oh God”
That you have made our paths to cross
For this Man, who is just like YOU
May my time with him honor you and he a blessing to you and your kingdom “Oh God”
May your will be done



5 responses

28 12 2008

great poem/writings (cos poem didnt seem a fitting word – it seems MORE than a poem – a heart cry – worship – inspiration)

i am so glad for Jesus – so glad that God became flesh and dwelled with us and died for us that we might know God!

off to read more of your blog now!

blessings, fireball

2 01 2009

Thanks…I wrote it a time ago and just wanted to post it, it is from my heart and I have yet to meet the right man, or maybe I have and he just has not persued me yet LOL
Anywayzz….God Bless You Abundantly

16 07 2009

It IS from your heart, it is so much so from your heart that it tugs at mine. You laid your heart bare on this subject, you had the courage to do it publicly… awesome. Even a person who does not live in the same faith that you do would be moved by your honesty, by your, to borrow from fireball, heart-cry.

16 07 2009

He! Thanks

Where in the world have you been ?

19 08 2009

Been a lot of places, Japan mostly;
on deployment with my submarine.

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