You Got Me Dad

7 11 2009


Dad's Girl-kymberlyrenee

You Got Me Dad
Who Do I Love The Best ?

Nestled among the captured moments, snuggles to my soul.

wrapped in grace, raining with love, shivering like a curtain.

It is a life with a new day, a young heart, a new plan, I been waiting for you
here I am.

This is me, blonde, blue eyes, a smile that wonders on forever, pure heart, a tainted laugh.

A city woman in country feet, not dads idea.

Living on the music inside, taking my time.

We only need God’s help for us to make it, I have power inside.

Waiting on the wind.

Day after day I am feeling strange.

Free my soul.

Let me drift away.

Am I wasting time ?

A daddy’s girl, daddy’s eyeballs, so he says-
He makes me smile, tobacco on his lips makes me laugh.

He gives me joy, I believe in him-
After all he has captured the best cat fish in town, and has the biggest garden, that feeds everyone around.

That’s dad for you, a country girls charm has him, wrapped.

He enjoys me in red, so I do to please him-
He enjoys his fingers in my long hair, he fusses if i cut it.

He still allows me on his lap, after all these years, yet he wont carry me anymore, laughs.

He takes my many kisses upon his cheek and acts as though he didn’t receive them but, I seen him smile, when he thought I wasn’t looking.

But he always tells me he loves me.

That’s who we have always ended our days.

I am there when he calls me.

Oh to listen to him play his harmonica, is like listening to the chimes in the wind, it stretches my soul.

His tractor is his pride, he rides it like a hero.

His truck a pot hole buster, again make me laugh. but it is tuff, kinda like him.

He seems hard as a rock, but his heart is a reflection of my own.

He is a giver of gifts, just to be close to him is all i need.

Visiting him now takes me back home.

His eyes Big like mine tell a story of hard times yet good.

It doesn’t matter what they mean, i feel fine anytime he is around.

He was a drunk but, oh we won that battle, of abuse and the bottle.

He makes me proud to say he is my dad my hero
he is the only man who has never laid a hand to harm me.

In his eyes I can do no wrong, silly man-
He thinks I am a rock, after all I am his eyeballs.

I love you dad, I love you papa.

If only one day I can walk in your worn boots .

For the truth is all you ever see in me.

You feel my heart inside your soul.

Who do i love the best ?

You got me dad





One response

9 11 2009

Moving. Very; shades of my own father.
Very nice, thank you.

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