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I, with a deeper instinct, will choose a man who compels my strength, who will make enormous demands on me, who will not doubt my courage or my toughness, who will not believe me naive or innocent, who will have the courage to treat me like a woman.” And I did- His name is Yeshua


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17 11 2007

Something tells me the man who steps up to this task will be a lucky one indeed!

17 11 2007

Smiles deeply 🙂 Thank you greatly that was very sweet. Nice to meet you


29 12 2007

Thanks for the comment. ;>
My Christmas was O.k. Mostly travel with a week to see Famiy. How ’bout you?

9 01 2008

My holiday was just OK…..glad it is over

15 01 2008

yeah, holidays can be a real drag.

3 02 2008

Let it go…
Sorry if Iam doing this wrong. Its my first time. But to commet or rather, its a question, Knowing the Bible, not as good as I should, but I do try, My question is, Even if married, with kids, letting go… do you think it still applies?

4 02 2008

Hi Joe

I wrote you a reply on the other post.
Also you may want to buy some books of Spiritual Warefare . I feel it may help you much.
I have some men friends who could help you as well if you just need someone to talk at, men who have been down the very same road…pleaselet me know. God Bless You.

7 02 2008

If only more women shared your wisdom, understanding of God… You have more love for the man yet to come than most women show to the man in their lives. Truly your love for God over flows to us all.

29 02 2008


18 06 2008

Thanks for the smile

16 07 2009

nice new look.

16 07 2009


1 10 2011
Sandralea N James

Kimberly You have come to mind how are you where are you… Sandralea

16 02 2013

Hey wow long time ..will try and get you on fb

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